Large turnout at motorcycle ride in Newport News

photo courtesy: Dorothy Wikan

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) – The Newport News Sheriff’s Office hosted a big event at Newport News Park Sunday. 116 bikers turned out for the second annual motorcycle ride to benefit Project Lifesaver. The program is dedicated to helping people with Alzheimer’s Disease.

Project Lifesaver is free to Newport News residents, adults and children, who meet the qualifications to participate. The Newport News Sheriff’s Office has been a part of the program since 2004, entering its 11th year. The Sheriff’s Office pays for Project Lifesaver through fundraisers just like this one, so it is a free to any participant.

Once the participants enroll into this program, they wear a special wrist or ankle bracelet that can be used as a silent tracking signal to help caregivers and the Sheriff’s Office locate a person who has wandered from home and has Alzheimer’s Disease. Police say the bracelet has helped reduced the search from days and hours to just a matter of minutes.

Right now, there are 61 Newport News residents wearing the special tracking bracelets.


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