William and Mary senior foward scores hat-trick, then leaves game for job interview

WILLIAMSBURG (WAVY) –  With a little over three minutes left to play, and William and Mary nursing a 2-1 lead over defending CAA champion Northeastern, senior forward Samantha Cordum netted her third goal of the evening. The score gave the Tribe a 3-1 win, and gave Cordum her first career hat-trick.

“It doesn’t mean as much to me as maybe it should,” said Cordum a few days later. “It’s just a win in the win column and that was the most important thing.”

Actually, the most important thing might have been what Cordum did after the win. “I actually got subbed off the field with about three minutes left, got in my car and drove to the airport to go to my first medical school interview,” explained Cordum.

Her coach didn’t even get to give a congratulations. “Right after the game, I didn’t even get a chance to give her a hug and tell her well-done because she was gone,” said John Daly, the Tribe head coach.

While Soccer may be Cordum’s passion, her dream is a career in the medical feel. Growing up the daughter of two doctors, she knew from a very young age the path she wanted to pursue. “[My family and I] would talk about medicine around the dinner table and all the gross stuff and all the fun stuff,” said Cordum.

Cordum said, even in the middle of one the biggest games of the season, she couldn’t fully get her mind off her interview. Maybe more important was making the flight to get to the interview. So, she figured she’ll just make sure the best way she knows how.

“It was kind of in my mind that if I scored, and we won, we wouldn’t have to go into overtime and make me miss my flight,” she said.
Mission accomplished on both fronts. She scored three times, her team got the win, and she made her interview.

“The interview went well, hopefully, and now it’s just back to focusing on soccer,” said Cordum.

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