Man accused of assaulting junior varsity football player

Hunter Bright

CURRITUCK COUNTY, N.C. (WAVY) – Deputies are investigating a bizarre assault in Currituck County. They arrested a 24-year-old man after he allegedly attacked a junior varsity football player.

“It makes me sick to know that I have to worry about my son when he’s in football practice and in school,” said Jamie Harris.

Harris’s son is a linebacker for the Currituck County junior varsity team. Football is all the 14-year-old can think about.

“He loves football,” Harris added. “It is his favorite sport. It is his life.”

Friday, his feelings about the sport are mixed in with a bit of fear. Harris said her son was attacked by a teammate’s brother Wednesday after practice.

“I guess the guy came from behind him and tackled him to the ground,” Harris said. “He then picked him back up by his neck and said, ‘If you ever hit my brother like that I’m going to kill.’”

10 On Your Side talked with Bright who says it didn’t happen that way. He says his brother was hit repeatedly, but after the whistle blew.

“Both times the play was over, and he came up from behind him and pushed him,” Bright said. “This was bullying.”

Bright admits he should have handled the situation differently, but says all he did was push the 9th grader to the ground and told him not to hit his brother.

“Anything about me killing the kid is a complete lie,” Bright added. “I never said that.”

Bright says he went right to the coaches and apologized and was shocked to see deputies show up at his Knotts Island home.

“I knew there was going to be repercussions, but I did not know the police were involved yet,” Bright said.

Bright was arrested for simple assault and released on bond. He is scheduled to make his next court appearance Dec. 2.

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