Va. senators join call for new gun safety laws

WASHINGTON (WAVY) — Thursday Senate Democrats unveiled principles for new gun safety legislation.

They’re launching a major effort to ramp up pressure on congress to pass new laws, and Virginia’s senators are at the forefront of the effort. They say their principles that will form the core of new gun safety legislation will make current background checks stronger, close loopholes and shut down the pipeline of illegal guns.

They came together to show a united front really in hopes of harnessing support from across the country. They’re planning to force republicans to address this issue in the coming weeks and months. They say they’re starting a national movement based on a couple of principles and it all begins with wanting stronger background check systems. Kaine made his plea for change personal based on a day few people in Virginia will ever forget.

“Let me tell you about the worst day of my life and it’s always going to be the worst day of my life,” said Kaine. “I was governor of Virginia in April of 2007 when I got the word that there had been a horrible shooting at Virginia Tech. We learned a lot from the shooting at Virginia Tech. We learned that we needed to make mental health advances, and we did. We learned we had to make campus security advances, and we did. But, we also learned that the background records check system didn’t work and that the better a system you have for background records check, the safer people are.”

“We can and should take these first steps. We can and should work to make sure that those with criminal records and serious mental issues don’t get easy access to guns,” Warner said at Thursday’s news conference. “An overwhelming majority of gun owners support this: more gun owners than non-gun owners support expanded background checks. I’m one of them, and I call on other responsible gun owners to join us.”

Warner said he’s a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, and this kind of senseless violence cannot continue. So he says they’re calling on Virginians and Americans across the country to demand from congress that they vote on sensible, reasonable legislation that protects second amendment rights.

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