Police discover 91 pounds of marijuana in car’s gas tank

Jose Olguin and Madalena Flores. Courtesy: Williamson County Sheriff’s Office

JARRELL, Texas (KXAN) — Two people have been arrested for transporting over 90 pounds of marijuana hidden in their vehicle’s gas tank, according to an affidavit.

37-year-old Madalena Flores was stopped Oct. 6 by a Williamson County Sheriff’s deputy on I-35 near Jarrell for not having a front license plate. Flores was driving with 22-year-old passenger Jose Olguin.

When the officer asked where the two were heading, according to the affidavit, Flores said they left from South Texas and was driving Olguin to visit his brother. The officer said when asked the name of the brother, Flores said she didn’t know him, just the family.

Upon further questioning the officer states that Flores claimed she had never been arrested. The officer discovered she was lying having been arrested in the past for possessing over 99 pounds of marijuana hidden inside her vehicle.

The affidavit says the officer then obtained permission to search the vehicle using a K9 unit. The K9 located the scent of the narcotics alerting the officer to the location of the hidden packages.

Observing markings on the gas tank, the officer discovered 141 bundles of marijuana along with two packages of cocaine. Flores and Olguin are charged with possessing 91.2 pounds of marijuana and 1.95 pounds of cocaine found in the gas tank.

Olguin admitted in the affidavit to being paid $2,500 for the transportation of the narcotics from Texas to Mississippi.

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