Uprooted tree crumbles Norfolk home

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — The continuous wet weather has saturated the ground, causing trees to uproot and forcing water into homes across Hampton Roads.

Becky Bugarin says a neighbor’s large tree crumbled her home on Jeffrey Drive in the Tarrallton section of the city around 5 p.m. Friday.

“It was overwhelming,” said Bugarin, who has lived in the home for 28 years. “When I pulled up I had a hard time even getting out of the car. When I saw it I just sat in the car and cried.”

One woman inside the home at the time the tree fell was not hurt, says Bugarin. The tree also crushed her son’s bedroom while he was at work.

The damage is especially hard to look because Burgarin says she had three large trees removed from her property in recent years to protect her home from the effects of severe weather.

It’s still unclear if dozens of pictures inside the garage survived the impact and the water damage.

“I just lost my father a couple months ago and my mother-in-law one month ago, and there’s boxes of pictures in the garage and we don’t know where they’re at.”

Bugarin says she plans to rebuild because of the countless memories she and her family made inside the home.

“It’s not a matter of walking away from it,” she said. “We have to rebuild and start over.”

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