Norfolk drivers struggle with flooded roads

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — It was a day for flooding waters in Norfolk Friday, and unfortunately, a day for drivers testing the limits of their cars.

At 10 a.m. at the The Hague, you could already see the flooding waters rising and coming over the wall that is supposed to contain the waters of The Hague.

Outside the Museum there was a guy in a car that had bags over his windows. He tried going through the rising waters and blew out his electronics with the windows down.

A2042F920B264CE1A830A3DE8BEBA00AMost drivers got it. At Grace Street cars were backing up. Sarah and Josh Floyd came down from Newport News to watch the watery show, “I’m actually kind of surprised how flooded the streets are. It was a little more than what I was expecting,” says Sarah.

Up the street at Duke Street and Virginia Beach Boulevard, there were too many drivers not heeding the warning to stay off the roads. They were racing through with water levels up to the hoods of the vehicles.

Sure enough two cars were stuck from the rising waters on West Olney and Boush. The guy in the first car refused to roll down his window. He didn’t want to talk to WAVY, and you could tell he was agitated.

2EFA9B8EDF1744138A1C716FB41186BDA woman in another car would talk, but only through the window, “I didn’t think it would happen because I’m in a Mercedes, and that’s not suppose to happen in a Mercedes,” she was laughing when she said that. Danny Murphy was in a well equipped pickup truck, “That Mercedes has no business being in that intersection today.”

With the rising tide, the West Olney Road 7-Eleven employees packed it in and dropped the sandbags in the front of the door.

We also found the Juggler, Tim Griffith, juggling to pass the time as he walked the downtown area looking at the flooding waters, “I have never juggled under these conditions, and I consider myself a below average juggler, but there are no great jugglers out here, so.”

So, on this day we were lucky to find Tim Griffith, the only juggler who came along.

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