High tide floods families in York County

YORK COUNTY, Va. (WAVY) — Friday afternoon, high tide ran the York River out of its banks and into neighborhoods. All over the Peninsula it was the same story: tidal flooding coming into yards and homes.

“This a nuisance. This is part of what you get when you live on the water,” Lyndon Amory said. “I mean it’s one thing to live on the water, it’s another thing to live in it.”

On the Peninsula heavy rain matched with a rising tide in York County.

“Further down the road at York Point, it’s impassable,” Amory pointed off Seaford Road. “You can’t even get down there. It’s the same with Dandy.”

In Dandy, Chris Varva, finished his clean up just before high tide. He trades the over-running water for the waterfront land.

“It’s kind of what you expect when you live on the water,” he laughed. “If you didn’t expect that then you’re probably in for a big surprise. You soon will learn to get used to it, either that, or you move.”

Just after noon the river peaked flowing over yards in Dandy. It spilled out over the road in Yorktown and flooded the main street in Seaford.

“We’re on a very narrow strip of land between two creeks,” Lyndon Amory said of Seaford Road. “This area back here always floods.”

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