Flood cleanup expected to be ongoing effort in Ocean View

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Neighbors in the Ocean View section of the city spent Friday night cleaning up after water flowed into several homes.

“It’s a mess around here,” said Bruce Schofield, a contractor who spent five hours clearing the water out of a home on Pleasant Avenue. “We built this barricade to keep the water from running in through the front door. Every time someone drives by we get a wake coming in.”

Warren Evans and Thomas Johnson are neighbors on nearby 19th Bay Street. The two homeowners say the water rose to more than three feet by mid-afternoon. Evans says more than one-foot of water crept into his backyard garage.

“It came in so fast,” said Johnson. “It was a couple of inches, and the next thing you know when the tide came in, bam!”

Neighbors say they’ll continue to closely monitor the water levels, as they prepare for higher than normal tides through the weekend.

Norfolk officers went door-to-door in Ocean View on Friday night to make sure residents trapped inside their homes because of the water were safe.

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