Peninsula prepares for hurricane, flooding

HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) — Preparations for both tidal flooding and effects from Joaquin extend all the way to the peninsula.

“At the very minimum, we are gonna have moderate flooding, pretty heavy winds and a lot of rain,” Robin McCormick of the city of Hampton said. “There’s potential not just for coastal flooding but tidal flooding and rainfall kind of 10 inches or more.”

As the tide comes up, the city of Hampton hunkers down. Officials have already declared a State of Emergency ahead of Hurricane Joaquin.

It’s also a signal to residents that serious they should pay attention. McCormick said. “Make your own preparations while we make preparations for the city at large.”

At least one resident took note, Wanda Wiese -Gardner moved to Buckroe Beach a few months ago,

“We are worried if it does hit. One of the projections is Hampton, and if it does we’ll just lose everything,” Wiese-Garnder said.

She and her son spent the day raising everything in the downstairs garage four feet off the ground or moving it all together. They’ll waterproof the room, then hope for the best. In the meantime they’ll head for high ground.

“We still have a house in South Chesterfield,” she said. “So we’re gonna load up and go there and get the generator started.”

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