OBX prepares for high waves, ocean overwash

KITTY HAWK, N.C. (WAVY) — Evacuation orders are in place for some along the North Carolina coast, but a majority are hunkering down for whatever the impending storm delivers.

Hyde County officials announced a mandatory evacuation order for Ocracoke Island, effective 3 p.m. Thursday.

Homeowners, businesses and town leaders tell WAVY.com they spent much of Thursday trying to stay one step ahead. Crews with Brindley Beach Vacations worked to secure outdoor furniture at a majority of the 650 homes they operate.

“It’s a huge job,” said Chris Tusz, maintenance manager. “It will take us honesty about 48 hours to hit them all and make them all secure.”

The vacation rental management company says their first priority is the 200-plus homes that sit along the oceanfront, which are prone to wind damage.

“We are really worried about the outside of the house. The beach chairs, the umbrellas and flying projectiles,” said Tusz, who details the methodical process for readying the homes. “We will go one at a time. We have a spreadsheet where we will mark them off.”

Twenty-five percent of the homes the company operates are rented out to tourists this week, according to owner Doug Brindley, who says many vacationers are wrapping up their stays early.

Locals spent the day stocking up on storm essentials; including, batteries, flashlights, gas cans and sand bags.

Ace Hardware in Kitty Hawk says they sold out of more than 400 sand bags by mid-afternoon, but they have more on the way.

“We are the coastline. Something is going to get flooded. Something is going to break,” said Christin Brazzill. “You have to prepare for that.”

Dare County officials tells WAVY.com they plan to meet Friday morning to re-evaluate the forecast models and discuss the possibility of issuing evacuation orders.

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