Poquoson residents deal with weekend flooding

POQUOSON, Va. (WAVY) – Some streets in Poquoson became flooded Sunday, for the second night in a row, as the tide was expect to rise to 4.5 feet.

Resident April Buckner knew to get ready for floodwaters to creep up around her home this weekend.

“Down here we don’t take any chances…We’re right at the point where the river meets the creek, so it rises pretty quick…We’re up pretty high, so I’ll just park the vehicles up on the highest hill and get anything low-lying out. I told the neighbors that they could park over here if they felt like they needed to save any of their vehicles…We had a small car come through and it stalled out right in front of the house,” she said, referring to Saturday’s flooding.

Buckner said she was relieved it wasn’t worse.

Streets were clear for most of Sunday, but three hours before high tide, the water began to creep back up. Aaron Hunt, who just moved to the area from California, was hoping to have good luck fishing. He said the flooding he saw this weekend is new for him.

“That was different. I’ve never seen that before…You don’t have this in California…I thought you were gonna have to have waders, the way the water come up,” he said.

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