Lottery: Virginia woman who tried to claim altered tickets could face charges

A Northern Virginia woman tried cashing in two lottery tickets as one. (Source: The Virginia Lottery)

ALEXANDRIA, VA (WWBT/WAVY) – A Northern Virginia woman who tried cashing in altered lottery tickets could be facing charges.

Ardella Newman bought a $2 scratch-off ticket at an Alexandria grocery store Tuesday. She tried to cash in the ticket to score the $20,000 jackpot.

The Virginia Lottery says that Newman was trying to cash in two separate tickets, the lower portion of one ticket and the top portion of another. This is a Class 6 felony according to the Code of Virginia, which reads:

“Any person who forges, alters or fraudulently makes any lottery ticket or share with intent to present for payment or to transfer to another person to be presented for payment or knowingly presents for payment or transfers to another person to be presented for payment such forged, altered or fraudulently made counterfeit lottery ticket or share sold pursuant to this chapter is guilty of a Class 6 felony.”

The Virginia Lottery says Newman also tried to claim a winning ticket worth $52, which investigators determined was also altered. Officials say she later admitted to the Lottery investigator that she taped two separate tickets together to claim the prize.


virginia lottery ticket altered

The Virginia Lottery says it is still reviewing this case to determine if additional actions are necessary.

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