Eyewitness gives his account on how he helped a dying man

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Thursday, police confirmed one of the victims of the Wednesday afternoon shooting in Norfolk was 19-year-old Coraun J. Poole.

Police received a call for shots fired near Pinedale Street and E. Leicester Avenue, around 1:20 p.m. Wednesday. When officers arrived they found Poole deceased at the scene, another man was also shot and is expected to survive.

Friends say Coraun Poole is known on Facebook as Buck Larry. Poole was apparently very active in the local rap music scene.

10 On Your Side spoke to a man who said he was changing a tire Wednesday when he went back to his apartment to get water and then all hell broke loose. “I see a gentleman running at a high-rate-of-speed, running towards building 716. Maybe five seconds later, I hear five gun shots: ‘boom, boom, boom, boom, boom,’ and they were so loud I thought it was coming through my wall.”

The eyewitness says he then saw a black Volkswagen speeding away from the scene, and heard five more shots. He can’t say for sure who was firing those shots, but there was pure panic outside.

“Everybody’s like screaming and everyone is in panic. They were yelling, ‘My friend got shot! My friend got shot!’ So, I run upstairs to 716-C. There was a gentleman lying in the hall…the door to 716-C was open, but he was on the floor outside the apartment. He was shot in the stomach. We tried to give him CPR.”

The eyewitness says it appeared Poole had been shot once in the stomach. Everyone tried to save him. The eyewitness continues his account of what happened, “We tried to revive him. His eyes were already in the back of his head. We bring him downstairs…and out the door…and a nurse gave him CPR and we called 911.”

Poole was taken to a tree and was then taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. At his memorial site, under that tree, his sister Kiara Poole told 10 On Your Side, “I have so many unanswered questions. Questions like why? Why was he here? I just want to know, why?”

Why was Poole at apartment 716-C? That is where Thomas McCoy lives. 10 On Your Side questioned him after he was questioned by police. He spoke only to 10 on Your Side. We asked if he was shocked by what had happened at his apartment?

“I am not saying anything. I have had enough,” he replied.

10 On Your Side asked if he knew Poole was at his apartment, “Like I told the investigator, I don’t know who was there. I don’t and that is the truth,” he said.

Kiara Poole insists her brother does not know McCoy, and she doesn’t know why he was at the apartment. A family member told 10 On Your Side McCoy often leaves his door open, but no one was home when they all left before the shooting began, and they do not know what happened.

Another big question, is the situation surrounding the man who the eyewitness claims was speeding away from the scene. He was shot, but will survive. Robert Brady saw the black Volkswagen coming down Pinedale, and was there when the man got out of his car, “I see that black vehicle right there come flying around the corner…he jumped out and said he had gotten shot.”

Police have not charged anyone in this shooting and the investigation is ongoing. If you have any information about this crime, please call the Crime Line at 1-888-LOCK-U-UP℠.

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