Back-to-school giving students headaches?

WAVY — If your kids are complaining that going back-to-school is giving them a headache, they may be telling the truth.

New research from Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Ohio shows that emergency room visits for children with headaches go up 31 percent in the fall.

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10 On Your Side checked with doctors at Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters in Norfolk and found that they do see more kids with headaches this time of year. asked neurologist Dr. Michael Strunc, what’s happening and how you can help your kids. He said, “A lot of that headache increases now for those kids would just be tied to that stress and anxiety of school and also changing from what was probably pretty relaxed to your school schedule.”

Dr. Strunc says make sure your kids are on a good sleep schedule. If they have migraines or other headaches that require
medication make sure they have it at school and remind them to tell the teacher if they have a headache.

If your child gets headaches or has an unusually severe one and can’t talk or walk right, call your doctor or go to an emergency room.

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