VBPD releases new information, images from officer-involved shooting

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – Fifteen seconds. That’s how long this weekend’s deadly exchange of gunfire between Virginia Beach and a person of interest in a homicide investigation lasted from beginning to end.

That is some of the new information revealed during a news conference the police department held Tuesday afternoon.

Video: VBPD News Conference

Chief Jim Cervera said officers investigating a homicide in the city identified Angelo Perry as a person of interest in the case. Investigators also received information that led them to believe Perry was planning another act of violence.

“Investigators began a surveillance of Perry’s movements with the assistance of members of the special operations, who are involved due to Perry’s violent criminal past, and knowledge that he would be armed,” said Cervera.

The officer was not hit by the suspect's gunfire, but a round went through the officer's shirt.
The officer was not hit by the gunfire, but a round went through the officer’s shirt.

Shortly before midnight on September 5, officers went to approach a vehicle outside the 7-Eleven at 2093 Lynnhaven Parkway as part of this investigation. That’s when police say the person of interest began firing at the officers. One of the four rounds they say were fired by Perry went through an officer’s shirt, but it did not hit the officer. Chief Cervera confirmed the four officers on scene returned 30 shots in response.

Angelo Perry. Date taken unknown. (Photo courtesy : Department of Corrections)
Angelo Perry. Date taken unknown. (Photo courtesy : Department of Corrections)

Thirty-five-year-old Perry was the passenger in the vehicle. Both Perry and 28-year-old India Kager, received fatal gunshot wounds. Police say they discovered Perry had a 9mm on him and a semi-automatic weapon at his feet – both loaded.

The officers were unaware until after the scene was secured, that there was an infant in the backseat of the car. Chief Cervera said the child belonged to both Kager and Perry and was unharmed. Cervera added, multiple officers cared for the child until child protective services arrived.

“Officers went to the Wal-Mart on the other end of the shopping center, purchased food, bottles, and diapers for this baby,” said Cervera.

The officers were not wearing body cameras, but Chief Cervera confirmed they are reviewing surveillance video from the 7-Eleven.

There will be three separate investigations: the Virginia Beach Police Department homicide unit’s investigation, an independent investigation by the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office and a final administrative investigation.

The four officers have been placed on administrative assignment during this process.

10 On Your Side has learned more on Perry’s criminal history. He was released from a state prison in April 2014. He spent 12 years there for shooting a man in 2000. In 2001, Perry also pleaded guilty to assaulting a police officer. He went up for parole in 2013, but he was denied. The parole board wrote his history of violence made him a serious risk to the community.

“Mr. Perry is a convicted felon with an extensive criminal record to include crimes of violence,” said Cervera.

Perry was not a risk to some who knew him.

“He’s all about music,” said Virginia Beach music producer E.F. of More 2 Come Music. E.F. and others confirm Perry went by the name, “Bless-I Askari.”

“I never see an attitude out of him,” said E.F. “I never see nothing wrong. But, he always had that good story to tell.”

E.F. says he now questions what led to the shooting on Saturday. He also said, he was not aware of Perry’s apparent violent record.

“I never seen him like that,” said E.F. “I never heard stories that in any way he had a gun. He was always out in the open doing shows, out there in the public.”

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