Victim’s family recalls shooting, offers reward

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — A shooting victim’s family is now offering a reward leading to answers in their faither’s death.

Guy Cuffee, 42, was shot and killed in the Manchester Village neighborhood of Virginia Beach on August 11, 2015. His family has now moved from the neighborhood, which is located off S. Rosemont Road, because it’s too difficult to live near the crime scene.

“We just want to know, why did you do it?” said Lera Jackson, Cuffee’s daughter. “We want peace of mind. We want our peace.”

Lera Jackson and her two sisters, Breona and Deja, are trying to turn their grief into action.

“We’re not going to quit until we find out who who did this,” said Lera.

Breona and Deja explained to on Monday that their father was picking them up from their mother’s house when he was shot.

“We had to hear it. We heard it happen,” said Breona Jackson about the gunshots. “We never in a million years would have thought that’s what happened.”

According to the daughters, Cuffee had just sent Deja a text message that he was outside.

“He said ‘come on out’ at 9:06 p.m,” said Deja Jackson. “It’s crazy cause we got the text messages after the gunshots. So I didn’t think that it was him.”

As Deja and Breona walked out the door, they saw their father lying beside his vehicle.

“I just shook him. I was like, ‘Please wake up! Wake up, please,'” said Breona.

It didn’t take Cuffee’s daughters long to realize their dad was gone. Three weeks later, his death remains tough to understand. Breona explained, every day brings a new challenge.

“We feel like it’s just, he’s away and we can’t talk to him,” said Breona.

The daughters and their family are putting up a personal $5,000 reward for any information that will help police make an arrest. They said the reward would be in addition to any reward money provided through the Crime Line.

“Just put yourself in our shoes,” said Breona.

One thing that’s comforting to Cuffee’s daughters, their father was an organ donor and many of his organs, including his eyes and his heart, will now go to people who need them.

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