Greg Bicouvaris is a jack of all trades in sports broadcasting

CHESAPEAKE (WAVY) — Greg Bicouvaris from Newport News is one busy guy. When he’s not working his job in media sales, he’s hosting his weekly radio program on 1650 AM, when he’s not doing that, he’s hosting a sports television show on Newport News Publis Television, and when he’s not doing that, he’s working alongside some of the biggest sportscasters in broadcast television

“Joe Buck, Greg Gumble, Jim Nantz, I’ve worked several games with Jim Nantz, Dick Enberg, Dick Stockton, you can go on and on,” Bicouvaris said.

For nearly 30 years Bicavouris has been the man behind the curtain, making sure the right things are said at the right time. He works more than 30 events a year, on all levels.

I’m a stage manager,” said Bicouvaris. “You sit next to the announcers, best seat in the house, football and basketball, baseball, I’ve done a lot of different sports, over a dozen. You give them cards (the announcers) to read on the air that are promos promoting the highlights of the programming that are on their various platforms.”

Bicouvaris got his break at the network level when he was an intern at WCBS in New York while he was a student at George Mason. He learned early on, a lot of times, it’s about who you know.

“A lot of times when you have these network jobs, you can apply all you want but it really comes down to your experience as you grow.” Bicouvaris said. “A good example, Pete Macheska the lead producer for Major Leauge Baseball on FOX, he was the broadcast associate for CBS when I was a student, so as his career has grown there’s a trust factor that ‘oh Greg’s in the booth’ and that comes from years and years when he was the BA for Madden and Summerall on CBS.”

With his busy season about to begin, Greg Bicouvaris say’s he would not change a thing.

“It’s hectic, once September rolls around, I’m not working a game every single weekend either, but if it’s high school, college or the NFL, there’s a good chance that I am

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