Dashcam captures teens throwing rocks at passing cars

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — A Virginia Beach driver says he captured a dangerous prank on camera.

David Tygert says he was on Lynnhaven Parkway, near Holland Road, around 7:30 p.m. Sunday when a group of teens threw rocks at his Jeep. They caused minor damage, but Tygert wants the teens to know just how serious their actions could have been. He doesn’t necessarily want them put in a jail cell, but he does want them held accountable before someone gets hurt.

Tygert said he didn’t notice the group of teens in the median and they didn’t know what he never drives without — a dashcam.

“I record everything I do just for liability purposes,” said Tygert.

So the teen’s felony offense was caught on camera.

“In the video you can hear it hit, I mean it’s loud wham,” said Tygert. “I was coming down Lynnhaven following some cars ahead of me and I noticed they were all going over to the right hand side. I wasn’t sure why. Kids are kids, and I thought they were just pretending to throw things. I saw him rear back, and when I drove by he just…you hear a bam.”

After the incident, Tygert pulled over and looked back, while the teens did what he couldn’t — react.

“They had all run across the road right in front of the cars that were coming right in front of those cars,” said Tygert. “The fact that they all ran means they knew they did something wrong. You could have gotten someone seriously hurt or killed. So it’s a pretty serious matter. The first thought that ran through my mind is ‘where are the parents?’”

There’s not much damage left behind to Tygert’s vehicle. But just think, if Tygert had swerved or hit someone as a result? Whether it’s their parents or police, he wants someone to hold the teens accountable.

“I assumed that I wasn’t the first person they threw rocks at,” said Tygert. “So when I called the police I told them that look, ‘I have video.’”

He’s hoping the clear images will help police find the teens fast. Virginia Beach Police say the case remains under investigation. If you recognize anyone in the video or have any information that can help, call the Crime Line at 1-888-LOCK-U-UP℠.

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