Little girl gives Va. Beach officers a ‘sweet’ surprise

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va (WAVY) — Some Virginia Beach police officers are in an extra good mood because of the kindness of a little girl.

When officers recently walked into the second precinct, near the Oceanfront, gift bags made by 12-year-old Caitlin Embrey greeted them.

Inside, the bags were full of candy, and on the outside there was a special message describing the candies chosen and why. The message read as follows:

Lifesavers remind you of the many times you’ve been one, Starburst for that burst of energy you’ll need, Pay Day ’cause you’re not doing it for the money, paperclip to help you hold it all together, Hershey Kisses ’cause you deserve one from all, gum to help your unit stick together, Tootsie roll to help you roll with the punches, peppermint patty to help you keep your cool, Snickers to remind you to keep your sense of humor, and Mounds for the mounds of energy you need.

Detective Nicole Allday was so excited to see the bags she called 10 On Your Side to share what had happened.

“It was the sweetest thing. I hadn’t seen anything like it before,” Allday told “In a society that’s increasingly growing more violent and more violent with officers, and the negative feedback we get on a consistent basis, I thought that something like this really shouldn’t go unnoticed.”

Caitlin is going into the seventh grade at Plaza Middle School, and this project will go toward her required community service hours. She admits, she got the idea from her dad, who saw it on Pinterest.

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