Hampton police investigate rash of vehicle break-ins

HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) — Hampton police are looking for the person who broke into cars and then stole one early Friday morning.

The crimes happened on Mesquite Place in the Hampton Woods area.

“I got to my car and the door was open,” said William Bowser. “I looked in there and my stuff was all over. It makes you angry.”

Bowser’s car was parked right in front of his home and locked, but someone got inside and ransacked the vehicle.

“Then they had all my papers just lying all over the car, and, at first, I thought some little kid been in there, but when I looked for my keys and I couldn’t find my keys, that’s what really upset me,” Bowser said.

The keys to Bowser’s other car were stolen, and that key ring also had a key to his house attached. On Monday, a locksmith was at his home changing the locks.

Bowser wasn’t the only victim.

“She told me that evening that her car was stolen,” Bowser learned from a conversation with his neighbor.

“At first I started to wonder if I parked it somewhere else or if I just didn’t remember what I did with it,” said the woman.

Bowser’s neighbor woke up to any empty driveway: her silver Ford Escape was missing. “It’s terrible,” she said. “It was right in front of my door. I just can’t believe someone would do that right in your driveway.”

Police told the victims they got at least eight calls in the neighborhood that same night. Hampton Police Division Sergeant Jason Price could only find two reports that morning on Mesquite Place. He wasn’t sure about calls from nearby streets.

Detectives continue to look for the people responsible.

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