New poll shows half of parents don’t want their kids playing football

COLORADO SPRINGS – Fifty percent of American’s said they wouldn’t want their kid playing football, because of the risk of injury. That’s according to a Bloomberg Politics Poll.

That got us thinking; if, and when is, football too dangerous?

The answer to that question is a complicated one and it comes down to a parents personal choice, but doctors said there’s things every parent needs to be aware of before letting your child suit up.

“Any time you’re playing a contact sport, football, hockey, even soccer with heading the ball,” said Neurologist Dr. Jonathan O’Neil.

Some parents said they don’t worry because of the size of their kids.

“The littler guys like peewee, we’re not seeing them moving at the speeds the NFL players are moving,” said Adam Therriault.

“I worry about head injuries, concussions that can have long-term affects, even while they’re young and they’re going to school if they have the head injury, learning might become harder for them and I just worry,” said Ayten Therriault.

Dr. O’Neil said the sport becomes more dangerous with athletes in high school.

You should always get your childs concussion checked out, but real damage happens with multiple big hits to the head.

“If someone gets a second hit before that first one has healed, there’s a much higher risk for injury and long-term consequences,” said Dr. O’Neil

It can take a minimum of 10 to 14 days for concussion symptoms to go away.

Dr. O’Neil said while it’s important to allow your kid to play and socialize, it still falls on parents and coaches for safety.

“You don’t want to push that kid to the point where they get that second head injury, or some other injury before they’ve healed and potentially for that short-term season, or one game, ruin their other life or career,” said Dr. O’Neil.

Parents need to be aware of is the potential for young athletes to lie to coaches and parents about head injuries just so they can play.

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