Man steals donation jar for wounded veterans

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — The owner of Blackwater Trading Company said he started a donation jar to help wounded veterans, but someone else helped themselves to the cash.

“He’s a low life. He’s less than human. He’s a piece of garbage,” said Chance McCracken, the store’s owner.

The Wounded Warrior Project donation jar that sat on the store counter for three years went missing Saturday.

“I thought one of the employees was taking the jar into the office to empty it out and just misplaced the jar completely,” McCracken said. He was “pretty much in disbelief” when he went back and looked through surveillance footage.

The video shows the jar resting on the edge of the counter and a man in a striped shirt appearing and then standing in front of it. He stuffs the cash in his pocket, and when he walks away, you can see the jar in his hand.

Surveillance video: Donation jar theft at Blackwater Trading Company

“It’s not really about the money. I’ll replace the money myself,” McCracken said. “But it’s the principle: who he stole it from. If he stole it from me, it’d be a different story. But he stole it from people who are permanently injured.”

McCracken said, since people started to hear about the theft, donations have poured in, including one generous donor.

“The man walked in and gave us $500 to give to Wounded Warrior, and he came in and said, ‘don’t lose hope.'”

“We got a jar now you can’t just dip your hand in there and grab it. Also, it’s screwed to the table,” McCraken said.

McCracken doesn’t want much. He said he wouldn’t press charges if the thief will be a man and do the right thing. “If he gave us back the money, and also I want a sincere apology and an explanation on why he did it,” he said.

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