Barriers installed to deter dangerous traffic at Willoughby I-64 ramp

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — The Virginia Department of Transportation has made changes to fix a dangerous traffic problem in Norfolk.

In the last week, 10 On Your Side caught drivers on camera repeatedly traveling up an I-64 off-ramp in Willoughby when the on-ramp was closed. It’s a situation nearby residents say happens habitually, and the transportation department has taken notice.

“We have witnessed people going across the median, the exit ramp actually, and then cutting across onto the entrance way,” Willoughby resident Rick Anderson said. “We’ve witnessed people manually holding up the gate to let people under.”

Anderson and his neighbors have seen it all as drivers try anything to get onto I-64, but after 10 On Your Side’s reports, it could be a thing of the past.

“Since it came to our attention, especially this past weekend when it was caught on camera, we’ve installed a new arm gate here,” said VDOT spokeswoman Paula Miller.

Thursday night, VDOT installed physical barriers to stop cars from jumping the median, new reflectors along the off ramp, and flex tubes on the median and Ocean View Avenue.

“We’re very concerned about safety,” Miller said. “So, we moved very quickly, once we really noticed the problem.”

Neighbors, like Anderson, feel they finally might see some change, and VDOT says it’s committed to making that happen.

“If these don’t work, we have some other traffic control devices that we can also implement,” Miller said. “We’re gonna try and see if this works first and takes care of the problem.”

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