Arson suspect denies impersonating, framing innocent woman

HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) — A woman accused of burning her own home and trying to frame someone else denied all charges against her in an interview with WAVY News on Thursday.

Investigators say 34-year-old Linda Walk provided misleading information that sent the wrong person to jail for two weeks. She is currently in Chesapeake City Jail, but has several felony charges against her in Hampton. Fire officials there said she called them to report a fire back in June at her former home on East Virginia Avenue. They later determined it was arson.

“I want to see why someone would do that. I mean, when there’s kids in the house, you know?” Walk told

Walk claimed she didn’t set the fire, but officials think she’s behind it and another fire. Before they arrested her, investigators said she tried to blame another woman by making several Facebook posts under that woman’s name, making it look like she was involved.

“No, that’s childish. That’s something, you know, I’m 34-years-old,” Walk said when asked about the accusation. When WAVY News asked, “Why do you think [investigators] think you did that?” Walk responded, “I have no idea.”

Investigators said Walk also broke into a home and stole a credit card, then sent text messages to the credit card’s owner, impersonating the other woman.

“I don’t know about that. I have no idea. No comment on that one,” Walk told

Fire officials also think Walk pretended to be the other woman in a phone call, confessing to all the crimes. “No, why would I make a phone call for something that I know I didn’t do?” Walk said.

Walk said she agreed to talk to WAVY News to clear her name and say that she is innocent. “I would never jeopardize my life or my son’s life. I love my son way too much. That’s my world and that’s my heart,” she said.

As for the other woman — who was first sent to jail for two weeks — Walk said she and her boyfriend had issues with the woman in the past, but she said she’s never met her in person.

Fire officials said they had probable cause to arrest the innocent woman, but it was due to misleading information from Walk. They said the woman who was first arrested did nothing wrong.

Walk has been charged with giving false reports to police, obstructing justice, arson, identity fraud, and personal trespassing by computer with malicious intent. She has a hearing in September.

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