10 On Your Side presses Chesapeake schools about bus driver

WAVY/Liz Palka

CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — Larry Homan, a Chesapeake Public Schools school bus driver, remains in jail without bond. Many questions remain about Homan and how the school system made parents and the media aware of his arrest.

Chesapeake police arrested 70-year-old Homan June 30. He was charged with three counts of aggravated sexual battery and three counts of taking indecent liberties with one child. However, prosecutors believe there are other victims.

School board member Colleen Leary did say Monday evening that a background check was done on Homan, and he passed it.

Since WAVY.com discovered court documents related to the investigation in July, concerned parents have contacted 10 On Your Side.

One parent told WAVY News’ Jason Marks that he found his six-year-old daughter sitting on Homan’s lap while on his bus last year. The parent said he complained about the incident to his daughter’s school, Thurgood Marshall Elementary. It wasn’t until that parent saw Homan’s picture come up on WAVY News this July that he knew his suspicions about the bus driver might be true.

Other parents have also called WAVY.com hoping for more answers. Chesapeake Public Schools spokeswoman Kellie Goral said parents of students involved were made aware of the allegations.

In a statement in July, Goral said:

Once the concern was expressed, immediate action was taken. The bus video was reviewed, and the parents of the students involved were contacted. Child Protective Services was contacted. Child Protective Services investigated and referred the matter to the police department, at which point it became a police investigation. Immediate and appropriate action was taken with the employee.

Goral has not commented on whether all parents with children on Homan’s bus route were informed of the situation.

On Monday night, school board chair Christie New Craig said she is aware Goral has given the media enough information on the allegations.

“I think we’ve been upfront with that and done everything we can,” New Craig said. “I’m just not going to be able to comment at this time.”

Chesapeake Superintendent Dr. James Roberts told WAVY.com after the meeting it would be inappropriate for him to comment on a personnel matter. Despite parents saying they were never informed of the incidents involving Homan, Roberts would not comment on whether all parents were informed. Roberts also said the media was not made aware of Homan’s arrest because it wasn’t necessary. He reiterated that law enforcement was made aware immediately and the appropriate notifications were made to parents.

A police officer did attempt to keep WAVY.com from approaching the superintendent and board members Monday by saying the media was not allowed to go past the podium after the meeting. He said he was doing so at the request of the school board clerk.

Homan drove a bus for Carver Intermediate and Thurgood Marshall Elementary schools for two years. Goral has told WAVY.com he currently isn’t driving for the school system, but won’t say if he is still employed by the school system.

Homan was denied bond in July and will be back in court for a preliminary hearing in September.

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