Study: Majority of men, women sending adult-based texts

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — If you’ve ever received a racy text message, you are not alone. A new study found the majority of men and women are sending adult-based texts to each other.

It’s a practice commonly known as sexting.

According to a study from Drexel University’s Women’s Health Psychology Lab, nearly 90 percent of adults have sexted at least once and 82 percent have in the last year.

Researchers say those who are not in a committed relationship find satisfaction in sexting and the practice seems to be more popular with men than women.

Co-author Emily C. Stasko, a clinical psychology PhD student at Drexel told CNN that research “aims to reframe sexting as a positive behavior,” since sexting usually gets a bad rap for it’s risky behavior.

“Most of the research on sexting relates to teens and young adults,” Stasko told CNN. “We wanted to see the role sexting plays in relationships between adults.”

The survey also asked about sexting behaviors, satisfaction and motives.

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