Missing, ugly street signs throughout Portsmouth, residents upset

PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) – Street signs should guide the way for drivers, but unfortunately, many in the city of Portsmouth have lost their way.

10 on Your Side found that intersections like Jewell Avenue and Cherokee Road and Oregon and Caroline Avenues are without signage, which is causing traffic obscurity and making for unsafe conditions. In addition, residents are upset over eyesores in the form of bent over signs throughout the city, even in places that are supposed to welcome drivers into Portsmouth.

Where the Cherry Road and Greeneland Boulevard intersection stop sign should sit, Kelsey Simpson said it’s gone missing already, due to reckless driving.

“There’s supposed to be one right across the street from my house and that one got knocked down by a car,” Simpson said. “(They) come around the corner, they hit it and knocked it over. They had it here for a while just leaning. Then the city took it, but they never came back and put another one there.”

From her home across from where the sign used to stand, Simpson said she has watched the intersection become more dangerous.

“I mean, it’s kind of common sense to stop here, but people don’t care,” Simpson said. “They just keep going and fly around the corner. I had a car almost take off my front end the other day. I’m pulling into my driveway, she’s just flying around corner. I’m like, ‘Seriously?'”

The City of Portsmouth told 10 On Your Side that they have a crew that documents damage to signs and replaces them based on priority. Stop signs that are broken or covered in graffiti top the list.

“If it’s really that difficult, you obviously have people who care about it in the neighborhood see if they’ll volunteer and help out,” Simpson said. “It’s not that big of a deal, I think. I mean, just come out here put a sign up and you’re done- go home.”

To report a missing street sign to the city, call 757-393-8565.

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