Residents near jet ski crash push for “no-wake zone”

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – People living on the Lynnhaven River want change after a jet ski crash critically injured a girl Sunday evening.

Two jet skis tried to slow down before they crashed into each other, according to Virginia Beach Police. The driver of one of the jet skis was hurt, and her passenger, ayoung girl, hadto beflown to another hospital because of the severity of her injuries.

Police are not saying how fast the two drivers were going before the crash, but people in the area say they commonly see people on boats and jet skis driving dangerously.

“It’s pretty hectic on the weekends,” said Beth Blythe, who lives near the crash site. “It just seems like there’s a lot of craziness going on back here.”

Blythe and others told 10 On Your Side they’d like to see the stretch of river turned into a no-wake zone.

Joe Dorto said he petitioned neighbors many years ago, but couldn’t get enough signatures to get it through city council.

“I think that people who have children should certainly revisit it, because it’s dangerous,” he said. “Sometimes, it takes something bad to happen for people to realize it and change it and do something about it.”

City spokesman Drew Lankford says the Virginia Beach city attorney is looking into what citizens would have to do to create a no-wake zone. Councilman Jim Wood did not immediately respond to 10 On Your Side’s questions about whether he would support such a proposal.

We’ll keep you updated with what we find out.

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