Police chase for alleged shoplifter ends in head-on collision

(WAVY/Walter Hildebrand )

CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — A police pursuit for a shoplifting suspect in Chesapeake ended in a head-on collision on George Washington Highway, Monday.

Chesapeake police tell WAVY.com officers received a call for a shoplifting at the Home Depot on Battlefield Boulevard at 12:45 p.m. An officer located and pulled over the suspect vehicle, but when officers approached the vehicle, the driver took off.

“The first thing that went through my mind was how brazen this guy was,” said Keith Henaghan, who witnessed the pursuit while returning to work from his lunch break.

Henaghan said he saw police stopping the suspect vehicle, a gold Chevrolet Trailblazer, near the post office on N. Battlefield Boulevard. As he continued toward I-64, he saw police chasing the suspect vehicle.

“As I was going up the overpass, I saw the bad guy coming up on me, right behind me, and the cops chasing him,” said Henaghan.

Henaghan admits he pulled into the suspect’s lane as an attempt to throw him off.

“I didn’t know what this guy was, what he was after, or what he was being chased for,” said Henaghan. “And I should have just shied away and let the police do their job.”

He said the suspect swerved to a stop, and then as police stepped out of their vehicles, Henaghan said the suspect took off again. “He just turned, put it in reverse, and took off.”

A police chase ensued and continued onto I-64. The gold Trailblazer sped off the highway at George Washington Highway, crossed the center median at Yadkin Road, and drove into oncoming traffic. The chase ended there, with a crash. The driver and passenger got out of the car and ran, but officers quickly caught up with them and took them into custody, Officer Ravi Sheth told WAVY.com.

There were no serious injuries in the crash.

Police have not released the charges the suspects are facing. Stay with WAVY for updates.


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