Man begins social media storm in search for birth family

AMSTERDAM, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A local man is looking for his biological family, and he’s getting a little help from his friends.

What started as a modest search has now become a social media storm with people doing what they can to help him reunite with his long lost family.

It all started with a Facebook post posted Monday afternoon. By Wednesday night, it had been shared more than 2,300 times.

Joe Kulewicz lives in Amsterdam with his wife and two kids. Shortly after he was born, he was adopted.

Kulewicz learned of his past when he was 8-years old and stumbled across that information in his medical records. Now, he wants to expand his family to include his birth mother, father and any possible siblings.

“It’s the biggest mystery I have left in my life,” he said. “And it’s been 44 years of my life I spent debating whether or not to do that.”

Kulewicz made up his mind on Monday. He created a Facebook post and hoped the long, virtual arms of social media would help reunite him with his family.

The response happened quickly.

“It’s really kind of overwhelming to say the least,” he said. “Um, to know that there’s that many people that would take the time and energy to help me do this is very overwhelming.”

Kulewicz is part of the well-known Capital Region band Skeeter Creek. He’s using the minimal information he has and sharing it with his large audience and hoping for a big surprise.

“We tried to pursue it through the state originally and didn’t come up with much,” he explained. “I do have my original birth date which is October 17 of 1970. I know I was born at Nathan Littauer in Gloversville, N.Y., and I know my birth name was Richard.”

Kulewicz said he also thinks his mom was a student at Fulton-Montgomery Community College and his father was a professor there at the time.

“My hope is that I can finally put closure to this,” he said.

For now, it’s a lot of hurry up and wait, and Kulewicz remains cautiously optimistic.

“It might take me five more minutes, it might take me 50 more years, but I’m going to try and that’s about all I can do at this point,” he said.

Kulewicz said the response to his post has provided numerous new leads and resources for him to explore.

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