NNPD release update on officer-involved shooting investigation

Kawanza Jamal Beaty

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) — Newport news police released an update Friday on last week’s deadly officer-involved shooting.

An officer shot and killed Kawanza Beaty, after police say he pointed a sawed-off shotgun at them.

Two separate investigations are currently underway — a criminal investigation by the Newport News Police Department’s Homicide Unit and an administrative internal investigation by the department’s Professional Standards Division.

The following list was provided by the NNPD, in an effort to inform the community on the status of those investigations:

  • The criminal investigative team is comprised of two Homicide detectives and the Homicide supervisor.  In addition, several other units within the department are assisting to include Gangs, Intelligence, Forensics, and Law Enforcement Analysts.
  • The administrative internal investigative team is comprised of two detectives and a supervisor all with investigative experience and do not work with the officers involved in the incident. The team is operating under the oversight of Professional Standards Division.
  • All three involved officers have been interviewed and have provided statements.
  • The involved officers have received psychological review to address any issues and assess status for eventual return to duty; however, at this time they remain on administrative leave with pay.
  • The neighborhood has been canvassed for additional evidence.
  • The shotgun has been submitted for fingerprint and DNA testing and we are waiting for the official report.
  • The officer’s duty weapon and three casings have also been submitted for processing.
  • Mr. Beaty’s phone has been submitted for downloading and analysis.
  • The radio traffic from the incident is being reviewed for timeline and investigative details.
  • Approximately twenty-five interviews have been completed to include medics, officers, family of Mr. Beaty, and citizen witnesses.

Beaty’s family has also called for a federal investigation, but officials have no plans for that right now.

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