Dominion warning customers of recent scams


HAMPTON ROADS, Va. (WAVY) — Dominion Power is warning customers of recent scams targeting businesses across Virginia.

Dominion says scammers have been using phone spoofing software to make calls to customers threatening to turn off electricity if payment isn’t received within an hour or two.

Dominion says they provide customers with multiple notifications by mail and by phone to work out a plan before power is disconnected, but they do not take payment over the phone.

Many indicate the scam calls are coming from: 1-855-505-3231. There are a lot of other numbers as well, say officials with Dominion.

If you think you are being targeted, Dominion suggests doing the following:

  • Collect as much information as you can from the scammers: Ask them for the address of the location where they are expected to buy the card & the type of card
  • Capture any phone numbers, call back numbers, first and last names.
  • Ask if you can mail payment and collect a physical address.
  • Ask if you can pay at a bank and the name and address of the bank.
  • Ask how the payment process works and document it
  • Note the gender or anything noteworthy about the caller, such as an accent
  • Note the time of day they called
  • Ask why there is a change in the payment process
  • Ask if they will be provided with a confirmation number or receipt if payment is made


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