Kids caught on video stealing from cars in Freemason

NORFOLK, Va (WAVY0 — He’s got cameras, and he’s not afraid to use them. Mac Salmon owns the Vapor Boutique in Freemason section of Norfolk, and he’s doing all he can to protect it.

“Everything that takes place on this block, 327 East Bute Street, is on camera. So, if you misbehave in front of my store, you’re going to be on the news,” Salmon said.

That’s a promise 10 On Your Side is helping him keep. In the video, you can see a gang of six kids (or teens) walking along Bute Street around 11 p.m. In slow motion, you can see them checking every single car door, until they find one left unlocked. Then they swarm.

Police say they love to see video like this and guys like Salmon getting involved.

“It’s always good to have eyes and ears out on the street, and it’s always good to have communities looking out for each other, neighbors looking out for each other,” Officer Daniel Hudson told

The more eyes the better, because police can’t be everywhere all the time, and petty crimes like this often lead to bigger, far worse ones down the road.

Salmon hopes someone will recognize the suspects and turn them in. In the meantime, he wants them to know he is always watching.

Last month, Salmon shared surveillance video of a man stealing from inside his store. The thief got away with about $250 worth of e-cigarette equipment. just learned the suspect, Barry Berman, turned himself in to police two days ago. He’s charged with grand larceny and is out on bond awaiting his court date.

If you want to look out for your community, like Salmon, there’s a new tool you can use called There neighbors can sign up and send emails to each other to warn about crime or suspicious activity.

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