Friends, teachers remember teenager found in vehicle trunk

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Friends and former teachers of Quincy Davis gathered Tuesday to remember him at the Virginia Beach Middle School track.

Virginia State Police have said the last sign of Davis was in 2004, when he was 14-years-old and a student at Virginia Beach Middle School. According to investigators, Davis’ remains were found in the trunk of his mother’s car earlier this month in Hampton.

“Where has he been,” asked Meghan Fontenot, Davis’ former classmate. “Has he celebrated any other birthdays after his [14th]? Or is today the first one we are going to celebrate in over ten years?”

State police have not released how or when they believe Davis died. Investigators said at a news conference last week Davis’ clothed remains were wrapped in duct tape in two trash bags in the trunk of Tonya Slaton’s car. According to state police, Slaton is Davis’ biological mother.

Court documents reveal the trooper pulled Slaton over June 6 for having expired tags and then smelled rotting flesh. That led to the gruesome discovery.

“He was someone that was missed, and we cared for him still,” said Fontenot. “He wasn’t forgotten and he’s not just a body in a trunk. He has friends. He has people that love him here.”

Fontenot helped organize a candlelight vigil for Davis at the school track on Tuesday, which would have been his 25th birthday.

His friends from elementary school and middle school said they have just as many questions as everyone else. One of Davis’ teachers said he believed Davis was moving out of the country when he left Virginia Beach in 2003 or 2004.

“He told myself and other kids that he was moving on to another country to see his father, because his father was stationed in Italy or Spain,” explained Kenyatta Osby, Davis’ teacher and former counselor.

Osby said he and others didn’t think much of Davis’ move, especially considering how many military families are in the community.

Investigators are now asking anyone who had contact with Davis around 2004 or earlier to come forward and talk to them.

Slaton will be in court for a preliminary hearing in September. She is currently charged with concealment of a dead body.

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