Mystery over presidential filing by Chesapeake man

CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — Now that campaign season is in full swing, expect more odd stories to start popping up. That includes one looked into on Wednesday. It involves the governor of Wisconsin, a Chesapeake man, and his pledge to keep the election honest.

10 On Your Side spent the day getting to the bottom of what some people across the nation thought was a big presidential secret leaking out. Those who’ve been waiting on the day Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker would enter the 2016 race were poised for an announcement, after someone realized the Federal Election Commission’s website shows a filing with the governor’s name, as a presidential candidate, connected to property in Chesapeake, Virginia.

The property is for sale, and Scott Walker is not the owner. The actual owner, it turns out, is one of Walker’s biggest fans .

“I know there was a family that lived there. Their last name was the Calls,” said Iris Spellman, who lives nextdoor.

Call is the same name listed as Treasurer under the “Draft Scott Walker” filing for a political action committee here in Virginia. Jason Call told that in early March it looked like Jeb Bush was “going to buy the Republican nomination with a lot of campaign cash.” He sent this statement:

Since I support Scott Walker, I decided to get involved. There was no Walker campaign in Hampton Roads at the time. I set up an organization and raised some money so Walker would have a presence.

But since Walker himself still hasn’t joined the long list of people who’ve actually filed to become President of the United States, the Federal Election Commission I.T. department had to generate a number, similar to those listed beside the candidates, to process Jason Call’s request for a committee and track his financial transactions on behalf of the man he’s hoping will one day run the nation.

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