Staircase lanes push texters to the right

Photo courtesy: Utah Valley University Marketing & Communications


OREM, Utah (MEDIA GENERAL) – Texting while walking can be a problem. You might bump into the texter, or they might bump into you, all the while slowing down everyone behind you in the hallway, street or mall.

Now, Utah Valley University is trying some basic instructions to keep everyone moving in the same direction.

The university based in Orem, Utah with enrollment of about 34,000 students is trying out a staircase with lanes.

Lane one is for walkers, two for runners and three for texters. The staircase is located in the new Student Life and Wellness Center.

Matt Bambrough, director of creative services for UVU, said the concept came from the university’s creative services team to add more functionality to the new center. But, not everyone is following directions.

“This graphic is obviously more aesthetic than functional, and through watching people take these stairs, most people don’t obey the posted lanes,” Bambrough said.

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