2nd employee at Newport News clerk’s office files discrimination complaint

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) — 10 On Your Side has learned that another employee in the Newport News Circuit Court clerk’s office has filed a complaint with the equal employment opportunity commission.

This is the second African-American to make claims of discrimination in that office. Just last week Nicole Allmondjoy spoke only to 10 On Your Side. She’s upset because she says she was passed over for a job because of her race.

Despite our repeated requests for an interview, clerk Gary S. Anderson will not answer questions. Anderson sent 10 On Your side’s Brandi Cummings the following response Friday morning:

I apologize for the delay in responding but as you may imagine, the transition period these last 2 weeks, as well as running an office and cleaning up all the minor (and major) details that go along with the transition has occupied the majority of my time.

Anderson tells WAVY there is an ongoing litigation and he is “reluctant to discuss the matter at this time.”

Late Saturday night, Deputy Clerk I Barry Harmon sent an email to Andrew Shannon, president of the local branch of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), claiming discrimination. WAVY.com obtained a copy of that email. In it, Harmon writes, in part, “After (13) years of loyal service in the Clerk’s office, I am still a Deputy Clerk I and in my opinion that’s very shameful and depressing.  Other white employees have been promoted and received pay increases.” Click here to read Barry Harmon’s email.

You can count on WAVY to continue to follow developments in this case.

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