Animal control shows up at cat owner’s door after vet visit

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — A Virginia Beach woman said she went for help with her sick cat, and animal control ended up getting involved.

Brittney Carey said it started Sunday when her cat, Luna, had a urethral obstruction and was in pain. She went to an emergency veterinary center, but could not afford the treatment, so she ended up getting medicine for the animal.

A few hours later, she said she found a yellow notice on her door. It was from Virginia Beach Animal Control, saying she had failed to provide adequate care, and had 24 hours to figure out if she could get Luna help, or if she needed to surrender him, or euthanize him.

“They just let me go, and they didn’t even mention anything about animal control … “Carey said.

“The veterinarian was concerned for the welfare of the animal. So they contacted us to go and contact the citizen in regards to make sure the cat receives veterinary treatment,” an animal control spokeswoman said.

10 On Your Side did some digging and learned: Virginia’s Adequate Care law means a veterinarian can alert animal control in these situations. The good news is, the notice has been dropped, and Carey got her cat some treatment, and it is doing well tonight.

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