Neighbors explain how dispute led to shooting

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — 10 On Your Side uncovered new information about a shooting over the weekend in Virginia Beach.

Police and witnesses said the shooting Sunday night on Miami Court was part of an ongoing neighborhood dispute that ended when Donald Rockett shot Raymond Beck in the leg.

Rockett is now in jail on a felony assault charge, but Beck said he also turned himself in on a misdemeanor charge of assault and battery.

Tracy Rosenbalm, who identified herself as Rockett’s fiancée, doesn’t deny Rockett shot Beck. However, she claims he acted in self-defense, after Beck threw a rock at her, which struck her in the chest. Rosenbalm has graphic pictures showing bruising on her breast, but Beck disputes her account of what happened.

Beck claims the whole dispute started about a month ago. That’s when he claims Rockett was speeding down the street while kids played outside. On Sunday, he said, it happened again.

Rosenbalm said that’s not true and that Beck just “has it out” for her fiancée. But neither one denies Rockett and Beck got into another fight Sunday evening, and that Beck followed Rockett back to his home.

“It wasn’t a hot-headed fight. My intentions weren’t even to go down there and have an issue,” Beck said. “There’s no reason for them to come speeding up and down the street.”

Rosenbalm said her fiancée fired at Beck because it looked like he was about to pull out a gun. Beck said, if he could change things, he wouldn’t have gone down to their house. Some things, though, Beck said will stay the same.

“I just wish people would stop speeding. If I’m over here, I’m not going to stop telling people to slow down. They know kids live here,” Beck said.

Rockett is still in jail, at least until his bond hearing Thursday. Beck has a hearing on his misdemeanor charge June 29.

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