Kam Chancellor coming home for big weekend event

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Three months after playing in the Super Bowl, Norfolk’s Kam Chancellor was back at Maury high school, putting dozens of women through what was billed as a boot camp.

“He was like I’m going to show you some of my NFL workouts,” Deves Branch said. “We did the side to side, it was a real workout.”

The boot camp is a prelude to a big weekend. Chancellor is hosting his annual Seven Cities Family and Friends Memorial Day Cookout, and paying it forward to his community is important to Chancellor.

“I didn’t really have anybody to look up to as far as an athlete from the area,” Chancellor said. “I always told myself I want to be that person for the community for the kids and be someone they can look up to, one that can help them out and show them the light.”

“He’s been talking about giving back to the community before he was a Seattle Seahawk,” said Kevin Allen, who coached Chancellor in high school. “He’s been talking about giving back to the community before he went to Virginia Tech, this is something he’s always talked about doing.”
Chancellor is the Seahawks captain, and he has influence — Some of his Seahawks friends like Marshawn Lynch, Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas and others are flying in for the event.

“These guys understand it’s important to give back to your community,” Chancellor said. “We are great friends, so why not look out for one another.”

Kam’s Seahawks have played in the past two Super Bowls. He won a ring two seasons ago, but Seattle lost to Tom Brady and the Patriots this past season. So what does Kam think about Brady and the deflated balls controversy?

“That’s their issue they have to deal with, I like to focus on my team. They picked me captain for my team for a reason, I’d rather just focus on the issues that we have in our household, keep moving forward and staying positive.”

For more information on Kam Chancellor’s weekend event, go to http://www.kamcaresfoundation.org.

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