3 injured after Norfolk school bus runs red light

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Police say three people were taken to the hospital after a Norfolk school bus driver ran a red light causing a crash at the intersection of East Little Creek Road and Mona Avenue, Tuesday morning.

According to Norfolk police, the bus driver was traveling southbound on Mona Avenue and was making a left turn onto eastbound Little Creek Road when she struck an SUV traveling westbound on Little Creek Road, around 8 a.m. The collision caused the SUV to crash into a third vehicle that was waiting to turn onto Mona Avenue.

Police say the bus driver was beginning her morning route, heading to Camp Allen Elementary School.

Shoney’s Employee, Diana Gibson, told 10 On Your Side, “I heard a big crash. My first reaction was, ‘I hope there was no kids on the bus.'”

There was one child on board who was not injured. However, two adults on the bus were transported to the hospital with injuries that are not life-threatening. The SUV driver was also taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. No one in the third vehicle was hurt.

The driver of the bus was issued a citation for disregarding a red light.

“You need to be extra cautious especially when you have that kind of job and you have kids on the bus. You need to be responsible for that,” Gibson said.

The school contacted the parents of children on that bus route and gave them the option of taking their children to school or having a substitute bus pick them up.

We reached out to Norfolk Public Schools to see if the school bus driver will face any disciplinary action from the school. According to division spokeswoman, Elizabeth Mather, “The safety of all of our students is our top concern. Norfolk Public Schools is investigating this incident. Although we cannot discuss specific personnel actions, Norfolk Public Schools will take appropriate action to ensure that our school bus operations are safe and secure.”

10 on your side has learned that in addition to having commercial drivers licenses, Norfolk school bus drivers go through transportation training twice a year. The last one was held in January. The next one is scheduled for August. Mather also told WAVY.com the school bus, #410 was towed away from the scene and will be inspected to determine what will happen next, whether it will be disposed of or repaired.

According to Norfolk police, this is the first one wreck at that intersection so far this year.

Online Resource: Norfolk School Board Bus Driver Policies


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