Navy announces disciplinary action for USS Mahan shooting

Master at Arms, 2nd Class Mark A. Mayo

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – Five Defense Department civilian gate guards were on duty the night Petty Officer 2nd Class Mark Mayo was killed in the line of duty on USS Mahan. More than a year after the incident at Naval Station Norfolk, the U.S. Navy has announced what disciplinary actions were taken against them.

Document: USS Mahan civilian personnel disciplinary action

According to a release from Navy Region Mid-Atlantic Public Affairs, Rear Adm. Rick Williamson decided to take administrative actions after reviewing the Navy’s investigation into the deadly shooting.

Document: Navy’s full investigative report

The report revealed a number of security lapses in the Navy base’s security system the night of the shooting, March 24, 2014. A civilian police officer let suspect Jeffrey Savage through Gate 5 without checking his identification. Savage drove onto Naval Station Norfolk, slipped past pier security, made his way onto USS Mahan and shot Petty Officer Mayo. Savage was shot and killed by the ship’s security personnel.

Two of the civilian gate guards on duty resigned after the shooting. The three remaining security personnel were issued a Notice of Proposed Discipline with the following actions taken:

– The civilian security officer who allowed Jeffrey Savage through the gate resigned in lieu of proposed removal from federal service.
– The civilian night watch commander supervisor who failed to provide proper oversight received a 14-day suspension without pay.
– The civilian police officer at the gate who failed to alert security about the unauthorized entry in a timely manner received a 14-day suspension without pay.

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“We owe it to Petty Officer Mark Mayo’s legacy, to the men and women who serve on our installations, and to the American taxpayer, to ensure we protect our workforce and the assets the nation entrusts to us,” said the Navy’s Mid-Atlantic Regional Commander, Rear Adm. Rick Williamson.  “Immediately following the shooting last year, immediate corrective actions were implemented on Naval Station Norfolk, and all installations within my region, to ensure an event like this does not happen again.  I take my responsibility seriously as the commander of the installations in my region and it is my responsibility to hold those who failed in their duties accountable.”

Document: Navy’s list of corrective actions

Read Adm. Williamson added that the investigative process took a long time because he wanted to make sure it was done right.

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