Kam Chancellor holds women’s fitness boot camp

NORFOLK (WAVY) — Super Bowl champion Kam Chancellor, the Seattle Seahawks captain, was oh so close to getting a second ring this year. But that is all behind him, as the Maury high school graduate is back home this week to host his Memorial Day Cookout at Lakewood Park.

But Kam, who also played at Virginia Tech, is taking things to the next level this spring. On Friday, he was on hand for his Women’s Fitness Boot Camp at Maury High School, encouraging women of all ages to get fit and pursue a healthier lifestyle. The guy knows what he’s talking about.

“We live a healthy lifestyle ourself, we work out all the time, we eat right, we get the right amount of sleep so why not come back and share it with our community,” Chancellor said. “We just want to spread the love and spread the health.”

Kam will host his cookout a week from tomorrow. WAVY.com will have much more on Chancellor next week.

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