Video of officer’s kindness makes headlines

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) – A random act of kindness in Newport News is making its rounds across social media.

Officer Zack Lyons has been on the police force for less than a year. Before that, he was a Portsmouth firefighter. Officer Lyons recently stopped in a Newport News neighborhood and ended up showing off his patrol car to the children. Jessi McGlone shared cell phone video of the endearing interaction with At one point, it shows Officer Lyons letting one of the children sit on his lap in the driver seat and play with the siren. He said this unplanned moment happened after a friendly basketball game with the children.

Video: 10 On Your Side interviews Officer Lyons

“I’m not really good at basketball per se, so I decided to race the other ones that didn’t want to play basketball. We raced back and forth on the court or whatever, having a good time and we were about to leave and so I have stickers in my car. I was like ‘hey, anybody want some stickers?’ Of course everybody said yes. I went back in my car and just drove it up there and as soon as I drove up there all the kids kinda rushed the police car,” recalled Officer Lyons.

He said he and his partner didn’t think twice about anyone filming. They were just glad it makes the police department look good and shows them as regular people.

Newport News Police Officer Zack Lyons (WAVY/Aaron Kurtz)
Newport News Police Officer Zack Lyons (WAVY/Aaron Kurtz)


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