Students wear running shorts to test dress code equality

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — A group of Granby High School students wore running shorts to school Thursday, because they felt like girls were being singled out by school administrators for wearing them earlier this week.

“Girls would typically wear those shorts if there were sporting events that day or sometimes when you just don’t feel like just dressing up completely,” student Roselyn Buensuceso said.

But when some of the girls were given dress code violation warnings for wearing the athletic shorts, a group of about 15 students wanted to see if the same thing would happen when boys wore them too.

Photos: Shorts controversy at Granby High School

“It started on Twitter. We kind of made like some hashtags, like ‘Operation Wear Running Shorts,'” Buensuceso said.

“People definitely gave us funny looks,” student Carlos Holden-Villars said. He and several other students received detention on Thursday for wearing the shorts.

“We wanted to send a message to Granby to see, for one thing, if they would enforce the rule equally, and we hoped they would,” Carlos Holden-Villars said. “If they wouldn’t, then we would have been more upset at it. Why would they only target the girls? But then they did, so that was kind of a good thing.”

Holden-Villars said he was happy about it and captioned a Twitter picture of his detention notice with “Mission Accomplished.” He said he respects those who follow the rules, but believes everyone has a right to voice their opinion.

Norfolk Public Schools said they could not discuss student discipline, but that they enforce the dress code equally. The policy was put in place by the school board and applies to all Norfolk schools, not just Granby High School, a spokeswoman said.

According to the policy, clothing cannot be shorter than six inches above mid-knee or shorter than fingertip length when hands are at your side.

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