Kitty Hawk preps Highway 12 for another storm

DARE COUNTY, N.C. (WAVY) — On Thursday, work continued to fix part of Highway 12 in Kitty Hawk that washed away in last weekend’s storm. Crews finished the work Friday, before the next storm arrived.

“We will see what mother nature brings us,” said Lauren Ward, who works at the Black Pelican restaurant.

“The problem is that hole that was created by nature, and it allows the surf to come straight to the beach,” Kitty Haw Mayor Gary Perry said. “It wore away the dune line.”

Crews built up the sand and then repaved the road.

“This is a temporary fix,” Perry said. “This is not the permanent fix.”

A permanent fix would build up the sand dunes by using sand bags, but to do that, local officials have to get state and federal permits. That could take up to 30 days.

“If it is a slight storm, what we are hopeful is that temporary berm will stabilize the storm,” Perry said. “It can be kind of a sacrificial berm, and then the road will stay intact until a permanent fix could be put in place.”

“It is definitely a concern, especially since this area has flooded before. It is definitely a concern,” Ward said.

If that happens, nearby businesses, like the Black Pelican, could be surrounded by water, and that would be devastating.

“We are on a barrier island and the sand shifts every season,” Ward said. “Different parts of our beaches get eroded, and it’s just something that we have to learn to live with.”

Perry said part of the solution is a sand replenishment project he hopes will be done by summer 2016.

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