VBPD: Oceanfront homicide not related to College Beach Weekend

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Virginia Beach police say the 20-year-old man gunned down at the Oceanfront early Saturday morning was not connected to College Beach Weekend.

Police say Stratton Mitchell, of Chesapeake, was shot outside a hotel near Atlantic Avenue and 25th Street around 3:30 a.m.
Though the homicide happened just hours after thousands of college students arrived in the Resort City for the weekend event, investigators determined Mitchell was not a College Beach Weekend participant. They believe that because he is not a college student, and they say he was not staying at any oceanfront hotel.

Virginia Beach City spokesman Marc Davis said 60 police officers were still patrolling the Oceanfront on bikes and in cars at the time of the shooting. Police did not say if that was a higher or lower number than the police force present earlier in the night, but did say they believed they were highly visible and well staffed all weekend.

WAVY.com asked Virginia Beach police if they would deem the weekend a success from a safety standpoint. A spokesman said Monday it was too early to make such a judgement. He also estimated about 20 arrests were made Friday night, but that it will be a few weeks before crime statistics for the weekend are released.

WAVY.com also checked in with Virginia Beach City Councilman John Urhin, who oversees several Oceanfront hotels. He said, from a business standpoint, the weekend was neither a great success nor a bust. Revenue, he said, has remained about the same over the past few years on College Beach Weekend.

Urhin said some hotels he spoke with invested more in private security this year, which came in handy when several hotel guests were handed warnings. However, he said no guests were kicked out of hotel rooms, at least in the hotels that he spoke with.

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