Rain in the forecast for Saturday night Richmond race

(WAVY) — Tens of thousands of racing fans are planning to enjoy Sprint Cup racing in Richmond this weekend. The only question is, will they race Saturday or Sunday, and if so when?

Don Slater is forecasting an 80-to-100 percent chance of evening showers, which could either delay or postpone the race.

Rain was a factor last week in Bristol, causing several rain delays over nine hours. That would not be an option Saturday night, although NASCAR has this new drying technology, which can dry tracks a lot faster now.

Richmond officials say they will do everything possible to get the race in Saturday night–and there is no time limit as to when they would start the race or postpone it.

FOX does have a contingency plan, and that would be to start the race at 1:00 p.m. on Sunday if they can’t race Saturday night.

But there are no plans as of now to postpone the Saturday night race–so even if it is raining, expect the track to be open unless they tell us otherwise between now and then.

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