Pasquotank employees walk out over pay issue

Pasquotank co. Workers protesting a 20% raise for 3 workers when they've had none for 8 years. (WAVY/Matt Grogory)

ELIZABETH CITY, N.C. (WAVY) — Employees of Pasquotank County are enraged. This week, the county agreed to budget more-than-20-percent raises for three workers, but no pay increase for more than 100 others.

In protest, employees of the Department of Social Services arrived at work Friday morning and promptly walked right back out.

Every day Doris Rivera comes to work at the department and helps clients with food stamps and Medicaid requests, and she said she loves her work.

“Expletive, expletive, expletive, are you kidding me?” Doris said after reading Friday morning’s paper. That’s where she read about three county administrators who will be offered more-than-20-percent pay increases to keep them from taking other jobs.

“I am angry for all my coworkers who’ve worked here for years and never got a dime, never got an increase. Since 2008, no increase — it’s shameful,” Doris said.

Doris isn’t the only disgruntled county worker. More than 90 others walked out of work Friday morning.

“Eight years is enough, you know? We are fed up,” coworker Diane Murray said. “We are tired of living meager lives because we don’t have pay raises.”

Their message was heard loud and clear by several of the Pasquotank County officials in an emergency forum.

On Monday, the budget committee has its next meeting. So what will they do? Will the county give these workers a raise too?

“We’ll look at ways we can fund that, and we can plan for it, rather than today when I couldn’t tell them anything,” Chairman of the County Commissioners Joseph Winslow said. “We have a seven-member board, three of us were here today.”

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